My Days with Val



My friend Val,

A good friend introduced me to Val in 2016. I fell in love with her and her family right off.

Val is a retired schoolteacher and Girl Scout troop leader.

I recently found out one of my old friends from my punk rock days was her neighbor and did an elaborate play with her kids in Val’s back yard. Small world!

 I took these photos a few years ago.  She has a wicked scene of humor. She keeps me on my toes and on the floor laughing every time I see her. I’m a very sarcastic, blunt person with a dark sense of humor and Val gets that, feeds off of me.

I am a very lucky person I get to come and hang out with Val, she has welcomed me and Hammer into her home and life.

She brightens my days.

I want to share her with the world so they can see whom I see in her.

I did an ice cream video series on Instagram this is a compilation of all of them. I get tears in my eyes laughing so hard when I watch this. Val is a great little actress.